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book-cover-for-september-sfn-articleBefore we completely close the chapter on the summer of 2016, I wanted to look back once more at the Spanish Fort Public Library (SFPL) summer reading program. Specifically, one of the many teen challenges was to read, write and then submit one book review on a book read. This challenge was completed by the eventual winner of the Teen Summer Reading program, Ms. Katherine Clemmons. As part of her winnings the SFPL would like to acknowledge and showcase her book review for the residents of Spanish Fort to read and enjoy. Thanks Katherine for your hard work!  You can find a copy of the book, Popular a memoir : Vintage wisdom for a modern geek by Maya van Wagenen in the Young Adult section of the Spanish Fort Public Library. 

For challenge 5, I (Katherine Clemmons) wrote a book review on Popular a Memoir by Maya van Wagenen.

I thought Popular a Memoir was a very good book. It is about Maya, and when she was in 8th grade she followed a guide on how to be popular that was written in the 50s. Some parts of the book are so embarrassing you want to hide and you didn’t even live through it. Maya wore Vaseline on her eyes instead of eye makeup. She wore ankle length skirts, cardigans, and leather shoes to school for a month, she sat with a different group of people everyday at lunch (even the football players), and she invited everyone in 8th grade who didn’t have a date to the prom to go with her. Maya van Wagenen inspired me, because she decided she wanted to be popular and she did so many things I would be too mortified to do. She learned that the meaning of popularity is when people want to hangout with you because they know you will include them and be nice to them. I suggest that any girl that has ever wanted to be popular read this book. You might just learn a thing or two.

By: Katherine Clemmons 

While no exact date has been set, the soon to be offered reputable genealogy database, (Library Edition), will be available to all visiting library patrons here at SFPL. Voted one of the best databases in Library Journal in 2014, (Library Edition) is part of the upcoming Bicentennial celebration for the state of Alabama ( This well respected database will be made available to all public libraries across the state for the next three years, as an effort to celebrate the state’s upcoming bicentennial. Interested in your own family story? Curious about starting some genealogy research of your own but not sure how to get started? Well now you can. Please stay tuned for more details about this amazing resource that will soon be available to you. Once the database goes live the library will market the release and plans to offer, depending upon need, basic genealogy classes providing tips and steps on how to navigate the genealogy research process. Already a whiz at genealogy resources? If interested in teaching some classes please contact the library and ask to speak to Library Director, Tracy M. Cole.

Other happenings coming down the pike this fall include our very own local writers group. Do you have a secret longing to be a writer? Do you have starts and stops of stories piling up on your computer or buried in notebooks beside your bed? Or maybe these stories are just floating around inside your head and you are not sure where or how to start. If yes to any of these questions then come join our writers boot camp and work your creative writing muscles. The classes will be every other Friday and will kick off September 16th @ 2 p.m. Each session will be led by Spanish Fort resident and published author and artist,  Mary Ardis. 

September 16

September 30

October 14

October 28

November 11

November 25 (no meeting)

December 2

December 16

Classic library programs that will be making a comeback include story time Wednesday’s and the ever popular robotics, coding and engineering which will be offered again this fall for children ages 2nd thru 6th grade. These classes are FREE and typically last one hour. Please plan to register in advance for these classes as seating is limited.

Have an idea for a class? Want to see something new offered at the library? Want to volunteer and teach a class? Then let us know. Please contact Tracy M. Cole, Library Director at


Meanwhile, we will see you at the library!



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