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With your Spanish Fort Public Library (SFPL) card you can check out up to 25 items for two weeks and up to 5 media items.

You can also request items to be put on HOLD for your account.



Your library card number is the fourteen(14) digit number found on your Spanish Fort Public Library card.

Your PIN number is the last four digits of the library card number.  

Spanish Fort Public Library card

SFPL books can be renewed up to four(4) times and DVDs renewed one(1) time as long as the patron card is in good standing, the library card is not expired, and the item is NOT on hold.

Spanish Fort Public Library shares materials with the 13 other libraries in the Baldwin County Library Cooperative (BCLC).

Library card holders can request items from all the participating libraries within the Baldwin County Library Cooperative, and have them sent to the library of their choice for pick-up.

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To avoid late fees, please return items to any library in the Baldwin County Library Cooperative.

Baldwin County Library Cooperative charges a late fee of $1.00 per day overdue on the T-Mobile Hotspots.

The BCLC courier service delivers materials to 13 public library locations across Baldwin county.

The BCLC courier runs Monday through Friday. Courier service observes all federal holidays and is subject to delays and cancellation due to weather 

Materials can be returned to any Baldwin County Public Library or the BCLC Bookmobile. 

New BCLC courier vehicle 2021. Provided by United Bank
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Baldwin County Library Cooperative (BCLC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership network of public libraries in Baldwin County.

The BCLC is a consortium of 13 independent municipal public libraries located in Baldwin County, Alabama, which have agreed to cooperate in providing library service to the residents of all participating jurisdictions.

BCLC provides member libraries a resource-sharing network and a means for enhancing the level and diversity of resources available to library users, while reducing duplication of effort. Each individual library regulates it's own collection of materials.