Spanish Fort Public Library

Guidelines for Behavior/Code of Conduct

The following activities, conduct or actions are prohibited at the Spanish Fort Public Library:


1. Any illegal activity including stealing, damaging, or altering any Library property Examples: Altering or damaging setup of computer equipment or software; writing in or damaging Library materials; damaging or using furniture in any manner for which it was not intended.


2. Disruptive, drunken, or threatening behavior that may jeopardize the personal safety of patrons, staff or facilities Examples: Cursing; making obscene gestures; threatening the personal safety of patrons or staff; transmitting threatening, or abusive language or images, chronic sleeping; any conduct that alarms, or harasses another patron or staff; any adult unaccompanied by a child in the Children’s area who is not engaged in library activity.


3. Acts of sexual misconduct or stalking Examples: Indecent exposure; offensive touching; sexual harassment; displaying pornography; stalking or staring; any conduct that alarms, annoys or harasses another patron or staff.


4. Unacceptable personal hygiene Examples: Body odor; not appropriately clothed (shirt and shoes must be worn).


5. Possession of a weapon or exhibiting any item in a threatening manner Examples: Carrying guns, knives, or any weapons, except as permitted by law.


6. Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, or tobacco Examples: Consuming drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products inside the Library, including entryways and restrooms, and on the library grounds.


7. Having food or drinks in the Computer Lab.


8. Bringing animals into the building except properly identified service animals, or animals used in library.


9. Soliciting money, donations, signatures, or other activities that request assistance from the public.


10. Entering before or after open hours; using the library when banned.


11. Photographing other users of the library without their permission and permission of the library staff.


12. Performing any illegal act or conduct in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance, or regulation.


13. Patrons who engage in illegal, unacceptable, loud, or disruptive behavior, or who violate Library policies or procedures, may have their computer and/or Library privileges terminated or suspended, or may be asked to leave the Library immediately. The Library reserves the right to terminate a patron’s computer use at any time and without notice.


14. Acts or behavior not in compliance with the Library Guidelines for Behavior will result in revocation of the user's privileges. Due to the emerging nature of these services, policies are subject to change without notice and at the Library’s discretion.

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