Spanish Fort Public Library(SFPL) patrons who are registered participants of the 2022 Oceans of Possibilities summer reading program can earn one(1) ticket per participant, per day for each of the following things:

  • Checking out materials at SFPL (each individual participant must check out something for themselves to earn a ticket. Items can all be checked out with the same library card, but only the participants who the materials are checked out for will earn a ticket. Parents cannot earn a ticket for checking out books for their children.)
  • Turning in their SFPL TURTLE TIME TRACKER by 12:30pm on July 30, 2022 (can only be redeemed once; doesn’t matter if turtle is completed, only that it has been started.)
  • Attending any 2022 Summer Reading program/activity/event(must be specifically summer reading 2022 and be hosted by SFPL)
  • Completing any of the activity sheet goals listed on their SFPL SR2022 printed materials
  • 1 completed BINGO for the Pre-K or KIDS(K-6th) portions of the program (5 squares completed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal)
  • 1 BINGO sheet turned in by the end of the designated month for Pre-K or KIDS(K- 6th)
  • 3 items checked off the SUMMER INSPIRATIION LIST for the YOUNG ADULT(12-18) participants (these also get 1 SONIC snack combo treat while they last!)
  • 1 SUMMER INSPIRATION LIST with at least three(3) items completed turned in by July 30, 2022 for YOUNG ADULT participants
  • 1 title filled out in the TRAVEL LOG for ADULT participants 1 COMPLETED Travel Trivia turned in by the end of the designated month for ADULT participants (these also earn an entry for the $50 gas card drawing)

How to use your reward tickets:

  • select a prize from the PRIZE CATALOG on display inside SFPL
  • swap for any entry ticket into the end of summer SFPL LOOT BOX drawing

Remember to bring your summer reading materials whenever you come to the library, so you don't forget to get any tickets you've earned! 

All you have to do is let an SFPL Staff member at the desk know how many tickets you've earned.

We look forward to seeing you in the library!