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BEANSTACK! It's like "a Fitbit for reading"!

Create your account and profiles for each person in the whole family in minutes.
Why wait? Let us help you simplify your life today :)

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What is Beanstack?
Beanstack is a read tracking software that helps readers of all ages build a profile in minutes and makes it easy for them  to earn virtual badges,  tickets for drawings,  and real-world prizes  by keeping track of their reading on the go!
 And there is also the Beanstack mobile app!  This one-of-a-kind app  lets patrons time reading sessions, log books by scanning their ISBN numbers, keep a log of current and past reading, track daily reading stats,  and achieve streaks for reading multiple days in a row!
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Beanstack simplifies your life.

In just minutes you can create your family account, add your profile, a profile for each child, and begin tracking your reading everyday by simply scanning the book!

Simple and fast.

Libraries Transforming Communities: focus on small and rural libraries. A special grant for small and rural communities

The funding for this app was provided as part of the Libraries Transforming Communities Grant Spanish Fort Public Library earned in January 2021!